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Composite Decking vs. Pressure Treated (How to decide)

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

One big question we get asked from clients looking to add a deck to their home is should I go with composite decking or with pressure treated. And to be honest there is no clear cut answer here because there are many questions and factors that you have to ask yourself. So let's discuss...

1. Maintenance

Personally when I think about being a homeowner, I think about all the home maintenance that is required to keep my home looking and acting its very best. So when it comes to how I want to spend my time, I strive for my home maintenance plan to be as simple and cost effective as possible because I want to be out enjoying my life and creating memories with my family and friends; not slaving away to my home. Which is why most people make the choice to go with a composite decking material for their new deck.

Composite decking isn't completely maintenance free, but, maintenance for a composite deck means taking out the hose or pressure washer and giving it a wash maybe a couple times a year at most. When having a pressure treated deck yearly staining or painting is required to keep the wood nice and sealed so that it doesn't splinter and rot.

2. Cost: $$$

When trying to decide whether or not to choose a composite decking material or pressure treated, cost is often a big consideration for people in making a decision. While the upfront cost of composite decking can be more, overtime however, you may end up saving money. (We'll explain more on this in a minute)

When deciding on going with a composite decking material there are many brands you can choose from. We are a TrexPro certified contractor and within the Trex brand there are several composite decking options from entry level to signature. The entry level decking will offer you a variety of color options at an entry level cost, which often times compared to pressure treated decking might only be a few hundred dollars more.

As we discussed in the maintenance section pressure treated decking requires extensive care year after year to keep it looking it's very best and to keep it from rotting away where as composite requires minimal maintenance. Needing to either stain or paint the pressure treated deck yourself or hire someone to do this for you can be a labor of love and increase your out of pocket expenses. This is where you might end up saving money in the long run going with a composite deck.

3. Style

The look of your deck is almost as important as how it functions for your lifestyle. So when deciding on the shape and look of your deck, composite decking material offers loads of options and color choices. You can create a border with different colors or use different colors to create sections almost like rooms in your home but for your deck. Offering you a space to create a dining area and a space for lounge furniture.

You also have an extensive variety of choice when it come to railings and spindles. They come in so many different colors and styles.

A backyard deck expands your living area making room for more memories to be created with family and friends and it can also offer you a quiet place of solitude for relaxing in nature. How do you want to spend your time taking care of it? Does the overall cost effect your decision? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.



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